Monday, February 13, 2012

First casting call for Alphas season two [spoilers]

The first casting call and audition scenes for a new character in season two have been released.

There are no major plot spoilers in them and I won't be posting detailed info, but spoilerphobes should absolutely not keep reading past this point. What *isn't* in the scenes might be considered a spoiler too.

The character in question is definitely an alpha, and has some combat skills. Her name is Kat. Without spoiling too much, there is something pretty interesting about her memory. I can't tell from the audition scenes if the memory thing is the ability or the downside, but she seems to be pretty content with it. (A Buddhist certainly wouldn't object to it!)

The first scene is with her and Hicks in a helicopter. It's only a couple of pages long and they mostly discuss her ability before going off to chase the bad guys. There is no mention of who these bad guys are.

The second one is with Kat and Bill. They are at a gym and she is coaching him. The coaching session includes a lesson on Norse warriors and a shoutout to Star Wars. Again, no plot points, only character stuff.

Neither scene has any references to other characters (except for a passing mention of Hicks' ex-wife), familiar places (e.g. Binghamton), or organisations (like DoD or Red Flag). Nothing that would link the scenes to the season one finale or provide some info about any new arcs in season two.

And no, I didn't spot any Andromeda references, either, in case anyone was wondering.

Either way, production on season two starts in the next month or so, so we'll probably be hearing more info soon enough.

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