Thursday, March 15, 2012

Interviews with Malik Yoba and Azita Ghanizada - Independent Online

South African news portal Independent Online has new interviews with Malik Yoba & Azita Ghanizada. Hit the link to read the whole article.
(Malik) “I think the X-Men and Heroes premise goes out the window by the end of the first episode, or maybe the second.

“I think people will connect with the characters and the Alphas’ stories almost become a backdrop to the relationships we have with each other. The dynamics of us trying to figure out how to work together, knowing what to do and finding that vulnerability is what sustains the show,” he said.

Of his hyper-adrenal character, Bill Harken, who has superhuman strength, Yoba said: “He is not invincible. Physically, I’m the biggest person in the cast. He is the strong guy. He is also quite vulnerable and that is what I love to play.

“Bill isn’t in control of his ability and it has been a disability in fact. And there are all kinds of implications in his personal life.”
(Azita, about her audition) “They didn’t expect me to deliver the performance I did and after that they kept changing Rachel. I think they liked the fact that I was raw, emotional and ballsy.”

Talking about her character, Ghanizada said: “We first don’t know what the Alphas are. We just think they are weird.

“Rachel’s ability makes her awkward. In meeting Dr Rosen, she feels she has found an alternate family and is being understood for the first time.

“I think the audience will identify with the character’s journey and the emotional trajectory they go through.”

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