Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Interview with Malik Yoba - Buzz Focus

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Will there be an evolution of powers, or new abilities for Bill this season?
Malik Yoba: Definitely an evolution, I think the idea that it’s an evolution–It’s an interesting thing when you do a show with these abilities because I think that careful consideration has to be given to like how we actually treat it so that we can be consistent. And so you talk about evolution or a different ability, that’s an interesting concept that we play with, “How does this evolve?”

In Season 1, we work with Dr. Rosen who helps us understand who we are and how we are and why we have these abilities. And so if there’s a downside to them, how do we manage that? I think in working to manage the downside, the ability shifts a bit, and so you’ll definitely see that in Season 2, yes.

Bill has this buddy or paternal relationship with Gary (Ryan Cartwright) and you’ve said that Bill and the new character, Cat has a similar relationship that pays off by the end of this season. He’s like the father of the group. What about the subplot of Bill and his wife wanting to have children; does that come up again?
MY: She has an affair with another alpha woman. You heard it here first.

Whoa! [Laughing]
MY: Oh is that a spoiler, I hate when I do that. No we just actually shot a scene the other day. So the baby issue definitely continues and is dealt with in an interesting way. I’ll say that.

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