Friday, August 31, 2012

Spoilers for Alphas 2x07, 2x08 and 2x09

Spoiler TV has posted summaries for the next three episodes:
Episode 2.07 - Gods and Monsters
The team is confronted with evidence of Parish's evil agenda; a young Alpha reveals a deadly ability.

Episode 2.08 - Falling
Rosen discovers the identity of the mole; Kat tracks a mysterious new street drug that makes users temporarily invincible.

Episode 2.09 - The Devil Will Drag You Under
Hicks turns defector and begins working for Parish; the team uncovers a plot to cause a massive, deadly blackout.

Here is a slightly extended version for "Gods and Monsters," which airs on September 10:
  • Jason Miller (infrasound kid from "Gaslight") asks Lisa, a pretty girl from his school, out and gets bullied for it by a couple of seniors (Cody and Evan).
  • Bill investigates the security breach at the office.
  • Jason finds a new way to use his ability and goes all Nina on his school mates. The Alphas catch him, but things get tricky because he has an army.
  • Parish abducts Rosen.
  • Nina keeps pushing Sen. Burton about an import ban on medical equipment.
  • Gary – Bill – Kat triangle begins.
  • Rosen gets a major clue about who the mole is.

Guest stars: John Pyper-Ferguson (Parish), Lauren Holly (Sen. Burton), Connor Price (Jason), Allie MacDonald (Lisa), Nicki Whitely (Molly), Philip Nozuka (Evan), Adriano Sobretodo Jr. (Mimic)

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