Monday, September 17, 2012

Interviews with Warren Christie and Bruce Miller

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The first one is on and contains spoilers for tonight's episode.
[Bruce Miller:] ”What I love about this show is that you can explore any kind of story through an Alpha ability, such as teenage isolation, and the ability to command other people to do whatever you say…these are all things that happen in real life and we can do them in an Alpha-style way.”

Miller’s interest in getting deeper into all the characters in Alphas has been evident all season but never more so than in tonight’s episode, “Falling,” airing at 8 p.m. EST on the Syfy Channel. Miller said this episode is his favorite of the season. The overriding theme is betrayal with Lee Rosen (David Strathairn) struggling to decide what to do with the knowledge that his daughter has been working with his enemy.

I received a chance to view the episode early and Miller is right, this episode is the most intense so far this season.

“I give the network credit, we told them we’re doing a whole episode about deciding and they went with it,” he said.

Besides the main storyline, there are two others subplots in “Falling,” that reflect the theme of the episode, betrayal, as Cameron Hicks struggles to bond with his estranged son, Tyler, with the help of Danielle, and Kat struggles with her feelings for someone from her forgotten past. The episode is also heavy on fathers and their children, as we even see government agent Clay and his young son.

Warren Christie, who plays Cameron, said in a conference call, that it was an unusual episode for him.

“It was the first time, I think, in any of the episode in two seasons that I’ve had no stunts and I wasn’t shooting any guns but it was incredibly rewarding, I mean, to do those things. I think it’s always been an important part of who Hicks is, you know, the relationship with his son and how it’s been a bit fractured.”
The second interview is just with Warren Christie. You can read the full version at
With the team now back together, Cameron might feel like he’s back in his element, but not for long, according to Christie.

“When we first see him at the beginning of the year, he’s doing his job. I don’t think Hicks is a paperwork kind of guy. He’s trying to do his job and be the good little worker, but I think he’s much happier in a different role,” he said. ”I think they’re all happier with Rosen (David Strathairn) back–he is their leader for so many different reasons–but I think that when you take [what] we learn about Hicks, he’s not a big fan of pressure… I think he’s a much happier guy… behind the scenes and doing what he needs to do. Hopefully you will see him take a much different role in the second half. There’s going to be a lot of changes in the character that I think are very exciting.”

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