Monday, October 1, 2012

Interview with Warren Christie - The Televixen

There is a new interview with Warren Christie at Snippet:
Christie said Hicks’ struggle wasn’t just the dynamic of the team without Rosen but also the dissolution of the romantic relationship with Nina. “We see the effect of that [on both of them],” he says. “They’re not together anymore but… there’s still some care in there. [After Dani’s deception and death, Hicks] is going to take a bit of a different path. I wouldn’t say necessarily [that he’ll] become…completely isolated but his agenda’s going to change massively in a certain way.”

“Falling” also slowed things down considerably and showed more of the humanity of the Alphas’ struggle. Christie says that’s the fabric of the show. “[We] know at the end of the day that these characters [are] what keep people coming back. And, you know, it’s very important to us as actors to make sure that we have these fully realized characters and what they’re going through,” he says. Christie says the episode was remarkable for him personally because it was action-free.

“It’s the least amount of stunts I’ve done…I didn’t shoot a gun, I actually got a couple days off. But it’s some of the most rewarding stuff I’ve gotten to do because we showed such a different side to Cameron and we get to see, you know, the father he’s been, the father he wants to be, and all these different things,” he says. “[It] was beautifully written stuff. It was really nice kind of breaking away from some of the other things and…they’re very important pieces of these characters and that’s what we hope is resonating with people.”

Christie can’t say enough good things about new cast addition and fan favorite John Pyper-Ferguson as Stanton Parish. “He has been doing an incredible job…early on you couldn’t necessarily just call [Parish] the bad guy…He was just trying to make what he believed is a better world and the way it has to be,” he says. “[The] scenes between him and David [Strathairn] are always so incredible because he brings such a presence and such a weight to Parish…and the two of them together are…having such a great chess match…[Getting] to work across from him, he’s been great. The minute a word comes out of his mouth, I’m just like,’ okay, well that’s Stan Parish, nobody else can play him,’ and that’s, I think, as good a compliment as you can get.”

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